The Best Way to Learn Programming: Self Teaching.

Before diving into the field of web, I had no idea what self teaching really meant. For me it was equal to teaching yourself with no guidance, no mentor.

What does it really mean?

As I became aware of web world, the meaning of self teaching totally changed for me. A self teaching typically means to teach yourself without a formal teacher or a mentor but you must have access to learning resources. According to Merriam-Webster dictionary the self-teaching is, “having knowledge or skills acquired by one’s own efforts without formal instruction.”

The Benefits of self teaching.

Learning from your own mistakes is the best way to learn. Self teaching can be the wonderful way to learn from your own mistakes. Yes its true, learning alone can be a difficult path to follow. But it has number of benefits.

  1. Different Perspective: The very first advantage of self teaching. It will change your mindset towards any problem. Your research on any problem will have great impact on you. I am sure if you are in the field of web you will have number of problems and will have to google it for solutions. The very first approach of solving a problem creates a large difference.
  2. Exploring Broadly: Own experimentation, reading and curiosity leads to a new discoveries and success. One of great benefits of self teaching. Bill Gates(Dropped out of Harvard) co-founded Microsoft, which became world’s largest PC software company. Michael Faraday, the famous english scientist received only a very basic school education.
  3. Setting Own Difficult Level: Learning alone can be a difficult path to follow. It can lose your motivation. So it is necessary to set a difficult level to reach your goals. Srinivasa Ramanujan, India’s one of the greatest Mathematician. He set out his own mathematical journey, working with textbooks alone.

There are lot more benefits of self teaching. Of course self teaching cannot be the substitute of formal education, but it adds extra values in your skill and knowledge base. By exploring ideas and scratching for knowledge on your own helps you beyond the way a teacher can take you.

My Experience.

I started my journey of web development in January 2016 without any knowledge of this world. I am a self taught front end developer. I am not a genius, but by god grace I am blessed with great friends. Who helped me in the journey of self teaching. So it is good enough to have someone to help you out, if you are stuck somewhere. If you don’t have, no problem. There are lot more option in the web to guide you. If you have problems, just google for it, for each problem you will have many solutions. To guide yourself in your carrier you can join slack channels, news letters etc. You can go to, and based on your field you can join the channels.

Let me tell you within six months of learning front end development I started getting projects. If you are a newbie, one of the best thing you must have is your roadmap. Which will guide you, what things you have to learn and how you are going to achieve it. Like I used to have my roadmap of front end development. If you are front end developer or planning dive in this field, I recommend you to checkout my roadmaps of front end development.

Thanks for reading!

Recommend it, you can even mail me, if you find this helpful or need any help in creating your own roadmap.



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Suraj Kumar

Suraj Kumar

Co-Founder & Frontend Lead @altcampus